Triple Supply of Air Source Heat Pump

Heating & Cooling


Max. heating capacity: 238.7kw/h

Main Model LYBKFDJ-30JD
Hot water conditions ① 380 3N~50HZ 380 3N~50HZ
Hot water heating capacity 85KW
Input power 18.5KW
Hot water production 1.8T
Cooling and hot water conditions ② Hot water heating capacity 84KW
Cooling capacity 66KW
Input powerc 19.2KW
Air conditioning conditions ③ Heating capacity 72KW
Cooling capacity 65KW
Input power 19.8KW
Max. working current 50A
Noise 60db
Dimension (W×D×H) mm 2000* 1100* 1900 mm
Interface size DN50
Rated hot water flow 14.6 m³/h
Rated cooling water flow 12.4 m³/h


① Nominal heating conditions: Outdoor air temp. -12°C DB/-14°C WB

② Rated heating conditions: Outdoor air temp. 7°C DB/6°C WB, outlet water temp. 41°C

③Rated cooling conditions: Outdoor air temp. 35°C DB/24°C WB,outlet water temp. 7°C

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