Commercial EVI Full DC Inverter Heat Pump
EVI full DC inverter design w/ COP up to 18; Fast heating & capacity increasing to 130% at low temp.; Full ambient design to be used down to -35°C; APP control & outlet water temp. up to 60°C.
Super Greenhouse Heat Pump
High ROI Greenhouse Heating, cooling Pump The super greenhouse heat pump solution helps to provide house heating for the greenhouse in winter as well as air cooling in summer, ensuring a stable temperature in the greenhouse throughout the year.
Hot Water Air Heater
It is widely used in greenhouse, farm house, workshop, drying house, hotel etc. and can easily be mounted anywhere. They operate via the pipe system of your central heating. The large range offers heaters from 7.65 – 126 kw of heat output. The units have protection class IP55. The most advanced technology and equipment are adopted to make the energy be exchanged and used efficiently. They assure draught-free, area-wide and comfortable distribution of heat and air. In order to calculate your requirements and whole heating solution exactly, HANHONG consultant team is at your disposal.
EVI Air Source Heat Pumps Split Type
Widely used in warehouse, greenhouse, pultry house, factory etc.; Wide working anbiemt temperature ranger:-35~48℃; Refrigerant: R410A; Function:heating/cooling.
Domestic EVI Full DC Inverter Heat Pump
R410A Inverter EVI heat pump is a low-temperature heat pump that enables to Running -35℃ Cold Climate; Function:heating + cooling + hot water; Voltage:220V/50Hz/1Phase or 380V/50Hz/3Phase; Super low noise with full DC fan motor; Energy-saving is up to 80%.
Water Source Heat Pump
High energy efficiency COP up to 1:4; ON/OFF compressor, WiFi APP control; Heating/cooling /hot water all in one.


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WEIFANG HANHONG ENERGY-SAVING TEMPERATURE CONTROL EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. is a professional heat pump manufacturer. We are specialized in research, production and sales of air source heat pump, providing a solution for the residential and commercial heat pump systems.

HANHONG extensive range of products consists of air heating, air cooling, ventilation equipments and livestock projects. Now we will work hard to be the leading company in turnkey solution and customized products.



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Heating & Cooling Heat Pump

For commercial building. warehouse etc.

Air source heat pump air heater

For commercial building. warehouse etc.

Water Heater

For commercial building. warehouse etc.

Water & Ground Source Heat Pump

For commercial building. warehouse etc.

Greenhouse heat pump

For commercial building. warehouse etc.



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The SG6321 Insulated Air Inlet has aerodynamic, curved insulated blades that direct attic air along the ceiling for the most efficient air mixing on the market.